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Campaign - "Bonus Money"

Hello dear readers. I want to tell you about our campaign "Bonus Money". Our campaign aim is to motivate students and to provide the most comfortable education. We all know that parents trust their children money since the beginning of the school. The ability of young people to manage their finances depends on whether they had a similar experience in childhood. Our compaign offers to pay some money for those who study well. The amount should be increased with the age of the child. Issuance of money will depend on the behavior of the student and his marks. Thus, the school can instill in their children thrift, frugality and respect not only money, but also to society. Thanks for your attention.

Look forward to the first earnings.

Отредактировано MaksimcheG (2015-01-26 20:38:16)



Laptops in schools

XXI century in every school!


Progress is not staying on onein the same place and many devices such as laptons easily appear in our life. But a computer can not be used only for communication or playing games, it can be used in education! Really, using laptops instead of notebooks and pens has many advantages. Students like such classes. A lot of students are confident that having experience with computer programs, they can improve their chances of finding a place for vocational training. We think, some young people have become more willing to learn, and they get more pleasure from the learning process. It's much easier to type a text into a computer than to write by hand. Another plus: as soon as the laptops will appear in the classroom, relations between teachers and students will improve. So laptops can change the whole system of education for the better.

Отредактировано Irina Melikhova (2015-01-25 20:05:29)



EIS: Entertainment instead of studying
Tired of the same type of school life? Bothered to sit in the classroom and read boring books?
Say No to school for some  school day. Instead of boring sitting at school all students have a chance to visit the best amusement parks all over the world: Disneyland (France) Asterix (France) Port Aventura (Spain) Legoland (Denmark) Mirabilandia (Italy) Liseberg (Sweden) Efteling (Holland) Thorpe Park (England) "Ferrari World", United Arab Emirates Cedar Point (USA) Lotte World (South Korea) Europa-Park (Germany) "Disneyland Park" (USA). Entertainment and refreshments for everyone’s taste.  Relax with other students, Have fun and Be happy! If you want to take part , you should just write to us.  We promise that you will be pleased

Отредактировано Irina Melikhova (2015-01-25 20:06:48)



Electronic scooters for students

Hello. I want to tell you about our campaign "Electronic scooters for students". Cause progress is not staying on onein the same place and we should follow it. And I offer the campaign to replace school buses for electronic scooters. There are many advantages in this campaign. Because school buses are very dirty for air and very slow (because they should to stop at every stop), while electronic scooters are clean, quick and comfortable. I think many students agree with this idea. Our campaign will make our lifes easier.

Отредактировано Ник (2015-01-25 20:54:34)



ACM is a clearinghouse for data and opportunities for the children’s museum field. We establish standards, track trends, build alliances, and host professional development training. ACM serves as an advocate and resource for children’s museums, diverse community institutions that provide essential play-based learning experiences for children and families.Let ACM help you find or contribute to knowledge resources that enhance your day-to-day activities and long-range planning. Expand your network by connecting with peers and experts. Tap into member-only benefits, tool kits, discounts, recognition and grant opportunities. Shape the future of children’s museums through active participation.

Отредактировано Irina Melikhova (2015-01-26 23:32:39)



Recent assignments have become less popular,young people do not want to do them and oppose their implementation.Our movement gathers companions in this difficult matter.Homework takes up too much time,and this time can be spent usefully,for example, watching TV,sleeping more and playing computer games.The first-homework turned into profanity. All the answers are on the Internet, papers and essays can also be found on the Network. And what is the sense to ask the lessons at home? Still no one to do them will not.And secondly, the amount of information that give is offered today's students, it is simply impossible to learn! The brain also needs to givegiving a break, otherwise, nervous breakdowns and other trouble can not be avoided! I assure you, the child would be better to learn and remember much more, if teachers give him a break more often! In General, I am sure that if the lessons will be optional, will improve health and academic performance of high school students.

Отредактировано Irina Melikhova (2015-01-26 23:31:07)



I want to tell you about our campaign "Free Water for All". As we all know people can't live without water, that's why I thought about creating this company.Our mission is to provide clean fresh water to the population of our city. For example, we can hand out clean water at school. If children will receive that such amount of water that they need, it will well affect their health. I think this company campaign will be very useful and will change things for the better.

Отредактировано Irina Melikhova (2015-01-26 23:27:28)