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Hometask for Friday

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Ex. 1 Open the brackets (Future Indefinite, Future Continuous, Future Perfect)
1. I (to do) my homework tomorrow.
2. I (to do) my homework at 6 o’clock tomorrow.
3. I (to do) my homework by six o’clock tomorrow.
4. When I come home tomorrow, my family (to have supper).
5. When you come to my place tomorrow, I (to read) your book. I (to do) my homework by the time you come.
6. Don’t come to my place tomorrow, I (to write) a composition the whole evening.
7. I (not to go) to the cinema tomorrow. I (to watch) TV the whole evening.
8. What you (to do) tomorrow?
9. What you (to do) at eight o’clock tomorrow?
10. You (to play) volleyball tomorrow?
11. You (to do) this work by next Sunday?
12. When you (to go) to see your friend next time?
13. How many pages you (to read) by five o’clock tomorrow?
14. Tomorrow I (to begin) doing my homework as soon as I come from school. I (to do) my homework from three till six. My father (to come) home at seven o’clock tomorrow. I (to do) all my homework by the time he comes, and we (to go) for a walk together.

Ex. 2 Open the brackets.
1. What you (to learn) for today? – I (to be) sorry, I (not to prepare) my lesson. I (to be) ill yesterday and (not to know) what to do. I (to prepare) my lesson tomorrow. – If you (not to prepare) your lesson tomorrow, you (to get) a bad mark.
2. What you (to do) at five o’clock yesterday?
3. Mike always (to do) his homework in the evening, but today he (to begin) doing it as soon as he comes from school, because his father (to promise) to take him to the theatre.
4. When Mary (to come) home, her brother (to read) the book which she (to bring) him to days before.
5. Autumn (to come). It (to get) November now. It (to get) colder, the days (to get) shorter. It often (to rain). Soon it (to be) very cold.
6. When I (to do) my homework yesterday, I quickly (to run) to the yard, because my friends (to wait) for me there.
7. We (to have) a good time last summer.



I took)



1.Will do
2.Will be doing
3.Will have done
4.Will have supper
5.will be reading,will have done
6.will have wrote
7.won't go,will have watched
8.will do
9.will be doing
10.will play
11.will have done
12.will go
13.will have read
14.will begin,will be doing,will be coming,will have done,will go

1.learned,be,haven't prepared,was,didn't know,will prepare,won't prepare,will get
2.will be doing
3.does,has brang,promised
4.came,was reading,had brang.
5.comes,is getting,gets,gets,rains,will be
6.did,run,were waiting


Вы здесь » Уроки английского языка » Homework » Hometask for Friday